Help Week

Help week:           (No outside speakers)

Definition: [verb] Make it easier for someone to do something by offering aid.

The Goal: Equipping believers with a basic outline of the gospel, along with a tool, to help them articulate clearly in casual conversation.

Help Week explanation and meeting outline

 Help Cards

  Who Am I praying for Cards

Planning HOPE

Below are links to help week evangelism strategies
Candy Cane
Gospel Survey
Evangecube and Eball
Dare to Share 4 Minute Gospel – Video
Three-Two-One Gospel Presentation
Four Spiritual Laws
Gospel Bracelets
Romans Road of Scripture
3 Circles: Sharing the Gospel – Video
Life in 6 Words: The Gospel – Video
Something Amazing – Video
The Bridge Illustration – Video
Gospel Shared with 1 Hand – Video
The Most Important Thing
View the Story
ABC’s – Admit, Believe, Confess


We offer a HOPE Manual and a weekly toolkit for student leaders to use for those who have adult coaches and sponsors who have been vetted and trained.  Fill out any of our many forms on this website to begin that process.