Community Diagnostics

In order to prepare yourself for this task, it is important that you do some research and find out what is going on in your area. Seek counsel from local police, school guidance counselors, and church pastors. Here are some concepts and questions to get you started in conversations. After you have completed the diagnostic, be sure to get your results to First Priority of America. * The goal is to get stats and [anonymous] stories of the spiritual need in your area.  The questions below are by no means exhaustive.  Rather, they give you direction to begin looking into the spiritual, physical, emotional, and geographic climate of your community.


Are the churches in your area united?
By united, do they mean drink coffee together once a month or is time and money spent together meeting people’s needs?

Is there a competitive and/or divisive spirit among the churches?
Are there groups inside and outside the church committed to prayer in the community?
Are any churches or parachurch ministries reaching the teenage population?
Is there a network of youth pastors established?

What about the physical climate in the community?
How many teens are in the area?
How many schools are in the area?
How many student dropouts?

How many and what kind of Juvenile crimes are committed?
Teen pregnancies?
Drug use?

What are the parents of teens getting arrested for?
Teenage Suicide?
Teenage Runaways?

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