Campus Coach Commitment

As a First Priority Campus Coach, I commit to…

  1. Attend weekly Campus Club meetings or secure a replacement when I must miss.
  2. Follow the TEAM strategy, using the monthly Guides.
  3. Implement a monthly “5th Quarter” Planning Meeting and utilize the 4-Week Planner.
  4. Empower student leadership.
  5. Communicate regularly with my Student Leaders, Faculty Sponsor, and Area Advisor.
  6. Supply my club with First Priority resources (GOSPEL Bracelets, Bibles, Gospel of John, Prayer Cards, Invite cards, posters, etc.).
  7. Submit a monthly report on my club online at
  8. Meet face-to-face, at least once-a-month, with my Area Advisor for encouragement, accountability, resourcing and training.
  9. Report to my Area Advisor how many students have made new decisions for Christ every month.
  10. Remain committed to my local church, for oversight and accountability.