Club Constitution and By-Laws

First-Priority-Full-Icon-CMYKArticle I – Name of the Club

The First Priority Club of ________________________________________________ School.

Article II – Purpose of the Club

  1.  To encourage friends to understand the importance of living in relationship with God; serve as a resource to help students enhance their spiritual lives and provide an opportunity to integrate beliefs into daily living.
  2. To provide members the occasion to grow in their faith and for them to develop into dynamic leaders on the campus and in the community.
  3. To increase the self-esteem and moral foundation of peers while discouraging premarital sex, substance abuse, bullying, violence, suicide, etc.; that each member will develop a greater respect for the authority placed over them and pursue a lifestyle consistent to that outlined in the Bible.

Article III – Qualifications of the Members

Club membership is open to any student in this school that agrees with and is able to comply with the stated guidelines in this constitution/by-laws, provided there is no attempt by them to disrupt the meeting. Membership is equated to consistent attendance and participation in the club.

Article IV – Student Leadership

Our club may or may not have individuals holding positions of office depending on our school’s requirements; our team of officers/student leaders carry out the following duties including, but not limited to: greeters, publicity and promotion, club leader for a specific week, securing a guest speaker, leading or co-leading small groups, skits and mixers, announcements, and refreshments.

Article V – Meetings

  1. Our meetings are student led in accordance with the Equal Access Act (20 U.S.C. 4071-74), passed by Congress in 1984.
  2. Our meetings occur weekly and are coordinated with our faculty sponsor: _____________________________.
  3. Our meetings provide students the opportunity to discover and develop leadership skills they will use the rest of their lives.
  4. Our “H.O.P.E.” strategy of meetings provides students with the opportunity to grow and apply their personal faith and enhance their relationship with friends and family.
  5. Our meetings encourage students to invite their peers to be a part of an exciting club that assembles in a respectful and friendly atmosphere.

Article VI – Affiliation

  1. Our club is affiliated with First Priority, a not for profit ministry that resources clubs to succeed in their stated purpose.
  2. First Priority connects a community volunteer (typically an area Youth Worker) to attend club meetings as an invited guest to help student leaders in fulfilling their assigned tasks.

Article VI – Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution/By-Laws may be proposed by any member. Amendments shall become effective if approved by the two-thirds of the members and faculty sponsor.
This Constitution/By-Laws agreed to at ____________________________________________________ School
this day ___________ of _______________________ , 20_______
By the following students: (Fill in the students names)