Campus Protocol

Policies & Procedures for Campus Visits

  • Make certain that you have gone to the school board website or filled out the proper paperwork with your respective county school board and registered as a volunteer
  • Make sure that you have attended a Campus Coach Training session and have filled out a coach commitment and a background check form before going on campus.
  • Do not circumvent the sign-in process.  Sign in at the front office every time you visit the club. Wear your First Priority ID card on a lanyard and attach the school issued “Volunteer” badge to the back so that it can be scanned.
  • Make sure that a faculty sponsor is present for every meeting…both for planning sessions and club meetings. Do not hold a club meeting without a representative from the school being present.  Ask the sponsor to give you a list of “alternates” and arrange for one should he/she be unavailable.
  • Participate monthly in a TEAM Cycle planning session with student leaders, using the four-week planner.
  • Stick to the First Priority plan…this establishes confidence that our clubs are strategically synchronized and will help keep your club from taking a non-legal path.
  • Do not engage the group in controversial issues or get involved in denominational differences.  If we stress our similarities and show love we will have followed the Biblical model.
  • Encourage the faculty sponsor to file an activity form with the administrator, along with a copy of the club Constitution/By-Laws (signed by several students).
  • Try to meet the principal and express appreciation for allowing the First Priority Club the status it’s due because of Equal Access.
  • Remember to say “thank you for inviting me to your club” whenever you attend a meeting. And if you’re scheduled to speak, be sure to acknowledge the invitation.
  • Do not participate in a mass distribution of fliers or any other printed material without the approval of the school administration.
  • When going to a new or unfamiliar school, be careful how you dress.  Collared shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes will create a more professional appearance.  Remember that ministry starts not when we walk into the room but when we walk onto the campus.